6/26/2005 – 9/17/2020

Jessie was the heart and soul of our family, she was the most beautiul dog. We loved her more than anything and we always will. When we picked her out, she was trying to dig her way out, we knew she was gonna be perfect. She always knew when you were upset, and she would do everything to make you happy. She was our little princess, our baby, our precious pup. Whenever she was happy she would prance around and toss her bone around. She loved attention and loved being told how pretty she was. She loved food and loved to watch people cook. We loved her, she was family, she was a part of everything we did. She wanted to be with us always, she loved watching us. She met so many people, she changed so many lives, so many people loved her. She was one of a kind, unique, sweet, and special. We will always remember her, she will always be with us. I love you Jessi, we all love you. Forever and always.

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