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Pet Memorials


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5/1/2005 – 2/13/2019

My sons called Trucker my shadow because he followed me everywhere. He wasn’t a cuddler but he like being where I was. I think he just got too hot when he snuggled. He had two other dachshunds he shared the house with until he lost his “brother” Frankie, then there was just him and his best buddy and “brother” Teddy and they were inseparable and now there is just Teddy and he misses his best friend terribly. Trucker was the protector even though he was the smallest. He never allowed another dog to go outside alone and always insisted on going out with them even when one was a German Shepherd/Chow mix. Talk about Mutt and Jeff! I will miss those beautiful blue eyes staring back up at me! Until we meet again my little Trucker bear. Love you, your human mom.

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