Pet Memorials


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11/202012 – 7/7/2023
Our sweet girl, Molly, crossed Rainbow Bridge today. Her spleen was the size of a German Shepherd, was cancerous and pressing on her stomach which was limiting her food intake. she lost a pound last week. Her normal weight was only 7 pounds. After an ultrasound the Dr told us that she would starve over the next several days or weeks because of the limited ability to eat normal amounts of food.
Molly came to live with us 11 years ago and. brought unlimited pleasure and laughing over the years. Her first night with us was spent under my left arm listening to my heartbeat. She was an adorable companion. Her funny antics will be missed and her loving kisses started every morning with a smile. As we experienced difficult times in our life Molly was always there to cheer us up and lift us over the difficulty with her loving ways. We will miss all these things but still have vivid memories of this sweet loving companion. Enjoy the fun times after you cross Rainbow Bridge

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