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Pet Memorials


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9/8/2009 – 12/13/2023

Ode to Hobbes
In Loving Memory
By Kathy Mitchell Folks

Words can’t express the shared love and devotion,
Or fully describe the depth of our loss & emotion.
A sweet salt & pepper boy, Hobbes was so dear,
Boldly defending his people, or crouching somewhere in fear.
Our Singing Schnauzer was distinctive, but only a part
Of our feisty fur baby, who was really all heart.
He howled “Yappy Birthday” to many people’s delight,
But cringed at fireworks and thunder alike.
He trained his people – quickly it seemed to us –
To put him in charge of some things, or he might fuss.
He was a good boy who learned well and fast, we’d say,
Even matched pitches for the piano tuner one day.
Smart, cute and cuddly, or Schnauzerly aloof,
He would also snuggle closely as proof
That he loved his people who loved him a LOT,
Whether he wanted to be cuddled or … maybe … not.
Saying we miss Hobbes can hardly begin
To express our heartache over losing him.
We miss his presence, his songs, his snuggles,
His loyalty, his quirkiness, his love – in fun and through struggles.
With each breath he drew, a wonderful difference he made.

In adversity his braveness did not fade.
Blessing us beyond measure, this dog of our elder years,
Was a treasured presence much stronger than tears.
As we think of our Hobbes, each memory will help –
Whether stories, each song, or a Schnauzer yelp.
He was truly a gift from God above,
A fur baby to appreciate, care for, enjoy and love.

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