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Pet Memorials


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10/1/2009 – 6/6/2024

When we went to the breeders to add a new member to our family, there was one funny and friendly little puppy with a crooked tail. We very quickly fell in love with the little boy and decided to take him home. Thinking back, it is clear that something else happened that day. The little puppy had obviously also joyously fallen in love with us. And through all the years that he was with us, his love never dimmed. We felt it always, even in his declining days. His love was really something very special.

Sammy was the smartest dog we have ever known. He figured out very early in life that the noises that came out of the mouths of humans had to mean something. He seemed to study language and would often surprise us when, without any training, he would correctly respond to something that was said to him. And he never appeared to forget anything. He was also the friendliest dog in the world who never met a person he did not like. His heart was as big as all outdoors, and by his example, he taught all of us lesser humans more than we ever thought possible.

The house seems empty without him, and it is difficult to walk by the room that was his. We have to be happy that we knew him and that he was part of our lives, but grief will not subside for a very long time. In the end, we are thankful and we take solace in the very real fact that his love survives, for it is with us every day, secure in our badly broken hearts.

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